Weight Control & Fitness DNA Test
Many people want to have better control of their weight. Appropriate weight levels can benefit our health as well as our self-esteem. Smart new ways to reach our target weight can offer great value to anyone interested in weight control.
Lately, a large amount of research has focused on the interaction between our genetic makeup, our diet and exercise. The results of this research are extremely exciting, since they open new areas of insight into how our bodies react to specific choices we make in life.
DrGene's Weight Control & Fitness DNA Test report should open the door for you to understand your body better than ever before, and hopefully make better choices to complement other diet and exercise decisions.

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Discover your body's weight loss plan
DrGene's Weight Control & Fitness DNA Test analyzes how your own DNA affects your weight and response to fitness training, to personalize a more effective diet to your body.
Why take the test?
Many people notice that we are all different. Some of us gain weight fast when eating fatty foods, while others don't. In some cases we eat more when feeling emotional, such as when under stress or simply because we feel "hungry" although we know we've already eaten enough.
There are people who gain weight faster even when eating the same amount of calories as their friends – very frustrating, but true. Others, seem to benefit more from aerobic exercise while their friends react better to anaerobic workouts.
Comprehensive results, just for you
DrGene Weight Control & Fitness DNA Test report should open the door for you to understand your body better than ever before, and hopefully make better choices to personalize and complement your diet and exercise decisions.
Quick and simple
DrGene Weight Control & Fitness DNA Test is quick, easy and non-invasive. We will deliver to you a DrGene DNA collection kit. All you need to do is provide a small sample of swab or saliva. Your sample will be sent to a specialist genetic laboratory for analysis. Within a few short weeks you will be able to view your results on our secure website.
What we test for:
  • Diet
    Understand how your body handles storage of fat, as well as synthesis and burning of fat. Learn what proportions of nutrient types are most suitable for you.
    ADIPOQ - Hormonal regulation
    FTO - High vs. low protein diet
    PPARD - Fat Intake
    PPARG - Fat Storage
    FABP2 - Fat Absorption
  • Behaviour
    Understand your genetics’ impact on appetite and satiety levels. Plan your meal in accordance to hunger signals in the brain to maintain your target weight.
    MC4R - Satiety
  • Fitness
    Check metabolism and fat mobilization, understand your individual risk of sports injuries. Find out whether you are predisposed to certain types of exercise over other types.
    ACE - Power vs. Endurance training
    ACTN3 - athletic performance
    COL5A1 - Flexibility, sport injuries and long distance running
    GDF5- risk of injuries and osteoarthritis
    PPARGC1A- response to training
    ADRB2 - Response to exercise
    ADRB3 - Fat Breakdown
  • Heart Health
    Insights into genetic predisposition towards high cholesterol levels, and ability to affect cholesterol through diet and exercise.
    APOE - Cholesterol
*ACE gene test is relevant to Caucasians only
*ADRB2 gene test is relevant to Asians only

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