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Anti-Aging Skin DNA Test

Take a deeper look into what affects your skin. Your DNA affects how your skin behaves. By learning how your DNA affects your skin, find out the skin care regimen that suits you best. Address your genetics skin needs.

We all know that beautiful skin comes from within. Our skin is affected by our age, lifestyle and what we eat. With a DNA test you can take an even deeper look into your skins properties, learning about areas that might put your skin at risk, even before they manifest themselves. By finding out the DNA of your skin you can personalize your skin care regime, knowing on which areas you need to focus more.

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Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment
It is estimated that 5%-10% of all cancer cases are caused by genetic mutations that we have since birth (Hereditary Cancer).
DrGene's Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment searches for gene variants linked to some of the most common cancers.
For women, these include breast cancer, which is responsible for over 25% of all cancer cases, and colorectal and thyroid cancers, which together account for a further 19% of cases.
The test is equally important for men, covering three of the most common cancers: colorectal, prostate and stomach cancer. Together, these account for around 34% of cancer cases among Asian men.
In the event a mutation is found, you and your physician can plan early detection and treatment to more effectively beat cancer. Early detection is the best strategy for defeating cancer today.
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Hereditary Disease DNA Screening
Every parent-to-be wants a healthy baby. DrGene's Hereditary Disease DNA test screens you and your partner for more than 200 genetic disorders that might be inherited by your child. Knowing this information can help you and your doctor take measures as early as possible to minimise the risk of your child having a genetic disorder.
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Nutrition DNA Test

Our nutrition plays a key role in our health. Assessment of a person's nutrition is not complete without taking into account the genetic factor. Variations in our genes influence the way our body absorbs foods and minerals, and can create certain deficiencies in our bodies, that can lead to illnesses.

Better understanding of the linkage between our genes, environment and nutritional intake can clarify certain deficiencies and sensitivities. By gaining insight into your genetic nutritional needs, you can make better diet and nutrition choices that can reduce certain risks or prevent deficiencies from occurring.

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Personalised Medication DNA Test
Each of us reacts differently to medication, because of our genetics. Analyze your DNA to get personalized medication and dosage guidelines for over 100 common drugs. The FDA recommends a genetic test before taking certain medications.
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Skin Conditions DNA Test

Skin disorders vary greatly in symptoms and severity. They can be temporary or permanent, and may be painless or painful. Some have situational causes, while others may be genetic.

DrGene's DNA Test covers common skin conditions including Eczema Nickel Sensitivity and Rosacea. By finding out whether you have a genetic risk for a certain skin disorder, you can consider making lifestyle changes, aiming to prevent the disease from manifesting, and learn about ways to treat it which you can discuss with your physician.

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Weight Control & Fitness DNA Test
Many people want to have better control of their weight. Appropriate weight levels can benefit our health as well as our self-esteem. Smart new ways to reach our target weight can offer great value to anyone interested in weight control.
Lately, a large amount of research has focused on the interaction between our genetic makeup, our diet and exercise. The results of this research are extremely exciting, since they open new areas of insight into how our bodies react to specific choices we make in life.
DrGene's Weight Control & Fitness DNA Test report should open the door for you to understand your body better than ever before, and hopefully make better choices to complement other diet and exercise decisions.
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