Why everyone responds to coffee in a different way?

A new Northwestern Medicine caffeine study has found that a variant in a gene that has previously been linked with nicotine metabolism is also linked to caffeine metabolism.

Scientists identified gene variant that can suppresses the desire of drinking alcohol?

UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers and colleagues in Europe identified a gene variant that suppresses the desire to drink alcohol.

How to avoid nickel allergy exposure?

Rashes caused by a nickel allergy are not life-threatening, but they can be uncomfortable.

Scientists discover genes linked to eternal youth

The dream of retaining youthful looks into old age came a step closer yesterday after scientists announced that they had identified the key genes involved in ageing skin.

Moisturizers and dermatologic conditions

When the skin barrier is not performing optimally—due to a genetic disease, the presence of inflammation, or physical disruptors such as scratching—the vicious cycle of eczema may ensue.

DrGene's Anti-Aging Skin DNA Test

Ever wonder why do some women age faster than others?

Vitamin D may help to treat sunburn?

Redness, blistering, and soreness are just three of the dreaded symptoms of sunburn. But according to new research, these symptoms could be reduced with a vitamin resulting from sun exposure: vitamin D.

Food Choices Swayed by 'Behavior' Genes?

Whatever your food preferences, you are likely aware that they're not strictly a matter of willpower. For better or worse, your diet is shaped by environmental, cultural, and social factors — and your genetics.

Common strength 'genes' identified for first time

Common genetic factors that influence muscle strength in humans have been identified for the first time in a study led by researchers from the University of Cambridge and published today in Nature Communications.

Could genetics influence what we like to eat?

Have you ever wondered why you keep eating certain foods, even if you know they are not good for you?