Personalised Medication DNA Test
Each of us reacts differently to medication, because of our genetics. Analyze your DNA to get personalized medication and dosage guidelines for over 100 common drugs. The FDA recommends a genetic test before taking certain medications.

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Find the best medicine for you
  • Discover your likely response to dozens of different medications
  • Find out which medication is best for you – and the most effective dosage
  • Reduce your risk of suffering unpleasant side effects
Why take the test?
Whether it's a basic painkiller to get rid of a headache, treatment for an infection or a contraceptive pill, most of us take medication at various times. It is not true that a drug will have the same effect on everyone; each individual responds differently to medication. So how can you choose the best treatment for you as an individual?
Better results with fewer side effects
DrGene's Personalised Medication DNA Test examines your unique DNA to discover which medications are best suited to your needs. The test also highlights any medications that could give you a high risk of adverse side effects. You can use this information when discussing treatment options with your doctor.
This test can help you to avoid trying many different medications, and experiencing associated side effects, before finding the one that is right for you.
Comprehensive results, just for you
DrGene's Personalised Medication DNA Test covers a wide variety of commonly used medications, such as statins (reduce cholesterol), clopidogrel (helps prevent blood clots) and contraceptive pills.
Quick, simple testing
DrGene's Personalised Medication DNA Test is quick, easy and non-invasive. You will receive a DrGene DNA collection kit by mail. All you need to do is provide a small sample of saliva/swab and post the kit back to us. Your sample will be sent to a specialist laboratory for analysis. Within 4-6 weeks you will be able to view your results on our secure website.
Medications included in the test
DrugBrand NameReferring Agency
Amitriptyline Vanatrip, Elavil, Endep FDA, CPIC, DPWG
Aripiprazole Abilify
Atomoxetine Strattera
Citalopram CeleXA FDA, DPWG
Clomipramine Anafranil
Clozapine Clozaril
Desipramine Norpramin
Dextroamphetamine ProCentra, Dexedrine
Diazepam Valium FDA
Doxepin Silenor
Duloxetine Cymbalta
Escitalopram Lexapro DPWG
Fluoxetine Prozac
Fluoxetine and Olanzapine Symbyax
Flupenthixol Depixol
Fluvoxamine Luvox
General Adverse response to Antipsychotics in Schizophrenia patients
Haloperidol Haldol
Iloperidone Fanapt
Imipramine Tofranil, Tofranil-PM FDA, CPIC, DPWG
Methylphenidate Ritalin, Concerta
Mirtazapine Remeron
Moclobemide Amira, Aurorix,Clobemix , Depnil and Manerix DPWG
Modafinil Provigil
Nefazodone Serzone
Nortriptyline Pamelor
Olanzapine Zyprexa, Symbyax
Paroxetine Paxil
Perphenazine Trilafon
Pimozide Orap
Protriptyline Vivactil
Risperidone Risperdal FDA, DPWG
Sertraline Zoloft, Lustral DPWG
SSRI Antidepressants sexual dysfunction
Thioridazine Mellaril
Trimipramine Surmontil
Venlafaxine Effexor
Vortioxetine Brintellix
Zuclopenthixol Clopixol
Acenocoumarol Acenocoumarol DPWG
Clopidogrel Plavix FDA, CPIC, DPWG
Flecainide Tambocor
Isosorbide and Hydralazine BiDil FDA
Metoprolol Lopressor
Phenprocoumon Marcoumar DPWG
Propafenone Rythmol
Propranolol Innopran
Quinidine Quin-G
Simvastatin Zocor CPIC
Statins lovastatin, cerivastatin, pravastatin and fluvastatin
Warfarin Coumadin, Jantoven FDA, CPIC
Dexlansoprazole Dexilant FDA
Esomeprazole Nexium FDA, DPWG
Lansoprazole Prevacid FDA
Omeprazole Prilosec FDA, DPWG
Pantoprazole Protonix FDA, DPWG
Rabeprazole AcipHex FDA, DPWG
Sulfasalazine Azulfidine
Azathioprine Imuran FDA, CPIC, DPWG
Capecitabine Xeloda FDA, CPIC, DPWG
Cisplatin Platinol, Platinol-AQ, Platinol (Restricted Access) FDA
Fluorouracil Adrucil FDA, CPIC
Irinotecan Camptosar DPWG
Mercaptopurine Purinethol, Purixan FDA, CPIC, DPWG
Nilotinib Tasigna FDA
Pazopanib Votrient FDA
Rasburicase Elitek
Tamoxifen Soltamox
Tegafur Tegafur
Thioguanine Thioguanine
Boceprevir Victrelis FDA, CPIC
PEG-interferon-alpha and ribavirin PegIntron and Rebetol Pegasys
Rifampin and Isoniazid Rifater
Simeprevir Olysio FDA
Sofosbuvir Sovaldi
Telaprevir Incivek FDA, CPIC
Terbinafine Lamisil
Voriconazole Vfend FDA, DPWG
Clobazam Onfi FDA, DPWG
Dextromethorphan and Quinidine Nuedexta
Diazepam Valium FDA
Galantamine Razadyne
Phenytoin Dilantin FDA, CPIC, DPWG
Pramipexole Mirapex
Tetrabenazine Xenazine
Azathioprine Azasan, Imuran FDA, CPIC, DPWG
Carisoprodol Soma FDA
Celecoxib Celebrex FDA
Sulfasalazine Azulfidine
Codeine Codeine
Oxycodone Oxecta
Tramadol ConZip
Glibenclamide Clamide, Antiglucon, Daonil and Xeltic
Gliclazide Diamicron, Apo-Gliclazide MR, CP-Gliz and Diamicron
Glimepiride Amaryl
Tolbutamide Orinase
Celecoxib Celebrex FDA
Flurbiprofen Ansaid FDA
Birth control treatment Hormonal contraceptives for systemic use
Celecoxib Celebrex FDA
Fluorouracil Carac FDA, CPIC
Eltrombopag olamine Promacta FDA
Cevimeline Evoxac FDA
Tolterodine Detrol
FDA - Food and Drug Administration
CPIC - Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium
DPWG - Dutch Pharmacogenetics Working Group

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