About DrGene

In the year 2000, successfully arranging an individual's genetic sequence required 10 years' time and an investment of more than US$1 billion. With today's advances in genetic research technology, the costs of sequencing have been greatly reduced. Advances in genetic research mean that we can more quickly and accurately obtain personal DNA information, and change our habits based on this data in order to improve our health. 
DrGene's founder, Lital Isaacs, recognized that genetics technology was not yet widely used in most Asian countries, and that the general public was unaware of the importance that this technology could have for their families. Based on this observation, Isaacs and the personnel of DrGene's research and development headquarters leveraged leading technology and their passion for genetic analysis, and devoted two years' time to creating tailor-made personal DNA tests for people of Han Chinese, in hopes of allowing the public to easily obtain accurate personal DNA analysis.
In 2014, DrGene officially launched its genetic testing service in Hong Kong, becoming a pioneer in the industry.

DrGene's Mission

As one of the most advanced biotechnology and genetic testing companies in Asia, DrGene is committed to the research and development of genetic testing services dedicated to the Han Chinese population, allowing the general public to understand their genetic blueprints and thereby improve their quality of life through accurate and highly efficient genetic testing. We aspire to bring people the most useful testing in different areas and, through the research team's analysis of the human genome and an easy-to-use online service platform, to promote the popularization of genetic testing in Hong Kong, China and among ethnic Chinese throughout Southeast Asia.

A simple test with a lifetime of benefits

Hidden in the 3 billion base pairs of human DNA is the code to each individual's unique physicality, health, disease susceptibility, and responses to all manner of things. DrGene's genetic testing can accurately decode your genes, giving you a new and better understanding of yourself. This can help you to act quickly to reverse a potentially critical illness, safeguard your health, and take control of your own life like never before.
DrGene's genetic testing is unique in its non-invasive and convenient sample collection. Once our customers receive the DNA sample collection kit, you can collect your sample and send it back to DrGene, all from the comfort of your own home. In a few weeks, you will be able to log in to your personal DrGene account to view your test report.

World-class genetic testing laboratory

DrGene's professional team is highly experienced in genetic analysis. Our genetic testing laboratories in the USA, Europe and Israel are certified by multiple accreditation. All testing processes are strictly conducted to ensure the most accurate and reliable genetic analysis for each client.

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