Weight Control & Fitness
DNA Test

Personalise your weight management plan and combat obesity and its associated health hazards

DNA Test

By gaining insight into your genetic nutritional needs, you can make better diet and nutrition choices that can reduce certain risks or prevent deficiencies from occurring.

Anti-Aging Skin
DNA Test

By learning how your DNA affects your skin, find out the skin care regimen that suits you best. Address your genetics skin needs.

Hereditary Disease DNA Screening

Pregnant or planning a baby? Detect over 200 diseases that can be passed from parent to child

Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment

Search your DNA for genetic variants that are linked to an increased risk of cancer.

Skin Conditions
DNA Test

By finding out whether you have a genetic risk for a certain skin disorder, you can consider making lifestyle changes, aiming to prevent the disease from manifesting.

Personalised Medication
DNA Test

Make sure your medications are working the way they should, and reduce potential side effects

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